How can you Install SolusVM Master on CentOS 7 Linux?

SolusVM is a well known VPS hosting control panel, and you can use it for controlling Slave node (Servers) and managing VPSs.

What will you need to install SolusVM Master?

Fresh CentOS 7, installed on your VPS/Server.


How can you install SolusVM Master?

1- Log in to SSH as a root account and apply these two instructions:


At that point, it'll show choices, permitting you to select virtualization. As we are going to install SolusVM Ace, we'll select Choice 1.

Enter 1 and click Enter.

The installation may take few minutes and it will be belonged to your server’s speed.

As soon as the installation has finished, it will be displayed to you an admin URL and the Username/Password for your account.

2- Now you will be able to access your Admin control panel, Open your SolusVM Admin URL in the browser and enter your login details.

Notice: Do not disregard to alter your default username and password for SolusVM. The default username/password isn't safe, and it is simple for anybody to get to your panel with them.

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